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Hey Bombshell!

It's time to embrace all that you are.
You are a bomb in your own shell and frankly, that deserves to be celebrated... and your sisterhood is waiting to do just that with you!
Here at Bombshell1111, we are dedicated to uplifting you in every way, creating massive impact on your mental, spiritual, and physical health.
It's time to heal, grow, and manifest the life you've always wanted to live and become the person you've always wanted to be.
From transformational podcast episodes to the ultimate manifestation journals, there is something here for everyone!
Sis, your best self is waiting...
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Bombshell1111  Podcast Cover Options (11

Hey girl hey!

I'm Le'Keya and I am the founder of Bombshell1111 but you can call me your sister, accountability partner, podcast host, and/or community advocate!

Although the Bombshell1111 podcast was birthed in September 2019, I have always dedicated my life to mental health and uplifting others in the community. With a bachelors in Human Services & Criminal Justice and a masters in Mental Health Counseling, I have a deep passion for helping women embrace their most authentic selves.

I am a true humanitarian that has over 28 years of experience working in the mental health and social services fields. I have worked with the elderly population, youth children and families, and individuals with mental illness and/or disabilities. Now I focus my time on inspiring others through my podcast and my journals. Click the button below to follow along my journey on Instagram!

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Bombshell1111  Podcast Cover Options (18

This journal will help you manifest anything you want in your life.


Le’Keya Lee is a queen of manifestation, and happiness is the choice she chooses to experience every day. She provides a guide for personal vision living & manifestations.


The journal includes blank pages so that you can add pictures, magazine clippings, or drawings.  You also have space for scripting, mantras, quotes, positive affirmations, and great claims.


Designed for a perfectly sized "on the go" vision board, this journal is an excellent alternative to the traditional large board that can be only kept in one place.

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