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Let's start manifesting BOMBSHELLS!

Manifest Bombshells Journal

Grab your copy of this powerful interactive journal for personal vision living, manifestations and so much more.


This journal provides a guide for personal vision living & manifestations. 


The journal includes blank pages so that you can add pictures, magazine clippings, or drawings. 


You also have space for

  • scripting,

  • mantras,

  • quotes,

  • positive affirmations,

  • and great claims.


Designed for a perfectly sized "on the go" vision board, this journal is an excellent alternative to the traditional large board that can be only kept in one place.


Change those thoughts and words and feel how those negatives turn into positives. Repeat the process so you can become the person you always wanted to be, and more.


Manifestations of your truest desires are brought about quickly when repetitions of suggestions are put into play.

Put them into play vividly, and as you visualize, attach all senses to the imaginations (making it real as though it is so at the present time) and it will soon be so. It is law, and you create your own reality.


You can have all that you desire, and you can make your dreams come true. Focus and the ability to convince your mind of your new truths is all it takes.


Allow this journal to be a part of your great success towards your deliberate intents. You can do anything. Are you ready to realize that?



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