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This simple yet focused journal is your go to planner for all your financial manifestation, budgeting and planning needs.


We are so excited that you are finally taking steps to elevating your life and embracing your purpose. Great news - this journal will allow you to do just that. Spend some time looking through and sparking your thoughts.


This powerful journal includes important information, step-by-step manifesting techniques, mind provoking journal prompts and more.


It's time to manifest more peace, prosperity, and purpose in your life and it starts with expanding your mind and understanding how each of these play a key role in who you are called to be. Our goal for this journal is to inspire you to give manifestation a try and encourage you to not let anything stop you from curating the life of your dreams.


This journal acts as a one-stop shop for all your manifesting, budgeting, and personal growth needs and has many sections dedicated to helping you transform your life and your self for the better.


Feel free to print and write directly in this journal or use it as a guideline for your own personal work elsewhere. Either way, this journal is here for your maximum benefit in the best way fit for you and your life. There are many informational sections in this journal that help explain more about manifesting and how to utilize the different sections inside.

Peace, Prosperity & Purpose | Digital Planner

  • Your download will be sent directly to your email after purchase! This file is in PDF format. You can download and print or use it as a guideline for your journaling.

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